Christmas party - 2010

From John Taphorn... The spinmeister speaks... and there was something about a train?

"I believe that a fun time was had by all at the 2010 Space City Holiday Party.  Thanks again to the Bells for hosting in their lovely home.  Marilyn arranged for catering by Carrabbas and the food was excellent.

There may have only been three exotics present. Dennis Coffman's and my Pantera along with Kirby's GT40.  I am not certain if it was simply the still of the night, however, I believe that Dennis has the loudest Pantera that I have ever heard.  What a beast and a great looking car!! (Editor's note: Yes, it is very loud... I heard him behind me when I was in my GT40!)

Steve Wilkinson and Dennis Quella donated enough gifts that I believe every active member of POCA who is contributing dues to Space City came away with something.  We also have Orville to thank for that as he did the outreach to the vendors.  Please support these vendors.  They have been generous to us the last two years.

The gift exchange saw plenty of thieving among the ladies and a bit less by the guys.  Most folks came away satisfied.  Cynthia Schrader must have had four or five items stolen from her during the evening.  It was hilarious to everyone else and she was a good sport about it.
  The attendees expressed their appreciation for the effort that Orville, Brian, Kirby, Steve and Dave had put forth running the Club in 2010. The group encouraged Orville to continue as President; however, he encouraged new blood to keep the Chapter's energy level high. The attendees then nominated and voted in candidates for 2011.
  Space City's 2011 Officers are as follows:
  Dan Mixon - President Orville Burg - Vice President Brian Hill - Event Coordinator Steve Hawkins - Treasurer Kirby Schrader - Webmaster
  The last two years, Space City has organized the Saturday Car Display at the POCA Fun Rally.  See picture.  This involves working with Jim Nowlin, President of Reno-Tahoe Panteras, to get the City permits; chalking the Plaza for properly staging the cars; placing personnel to properly direct and position the cars, orchestrating the top of the hour synchronized engine rev; providing dash placards for the participants, having a trophy created for the Peoples Choice Award and directing cars off the Plaza at it conclusion. 
Last year, Orville, Rob Pink, Brian Hill and I made it happen.  Practice makes perfect and needless to say, our result was superior to the previous year.  Orville recommended to the Attendees that Space City create a position for directing this initiative.  He turned his eyes to Rob Pink and asked that he Steer the Event.  Rob graciously accepted, and of course, all other Space City members who attend the Fun Rally will be there to contribute to the Event as they have in the past.
  With so many cars coming back on line in 2011, it should prove to be a busy year for Space City Panteras.  We look forward to seeing the wheel turn on Will's, Rob's, Steve's, Brian's, Kirby's, Dylan's and Dan's car in 2011.  I'm probably being a bit to optimistic with regard to Dan's car as he has so many automotive projects.  However, I think the others may be rolling by the end of the first quarter and in time for BBORR.
  While all Officer candidates were not thoroughly enthusiastic about the opportunity presented them, each has the capability to make a difference in the success of the Chapter and our ability to come together in friendship.  Everyone expressed thanks to our 2011 Officers for accepting the responsibility to make a difference in 2011.

Pictures of the  event taken by Orville can be found