January 2005 SCPOCA Club Meeting Minutes

OK, so what if I misplaced my notes and can't remember what we talked about.

I also accidently deleted the digital picture that I took.

Wait, now it's starting to come back to me - we discussed the 2005 events calendar briefly (it's not finished yet). And I'm positive that everyone had a really great time. Also, the grilled oysters from the bar at Jimmy G's are absolutely spectacular, and I don't even like oysters. No one took their clothes off either - at least not that I remember.

Besides, if you'd been there, then you'd have heard all the really important, club-members-only, double-secret stuff that we talked about right?

The group of privileged, in-the-know individuals are Jerry Pyka and Pat, Steve and Cathy Hawkins, Will Kooiman, John Taphorn, and David Bell.

All you other slackers (to coin the MD phrase) should make a point to show up next time to get all the critical, life changing info.

News Flash!!! I found the picture from the January club meeting (below).

Sorry, I'm not in the picture (I was holding the camera and unfortunately can't move faster than the speed of light), but if you look very, very closely in Steve Hawkins' glasses, I think you can see my reflection. OK, maybe not.