The 2017 10th Annual Space City Panteras Pig Roast

The weather was great and the Space City Pantera Club Pig Roast and Tech Session was another success.

Gray and Heidi and crew did a great job. We had 13 Panteras in attendance.
You do have to count Brian Hill's car which was in the shop. It now has an engine and ZF in it!

Pictures will be located
here as they are received from those kind souls who took some!

Just for grins…
Watch this video.
It downloads. It does not stream.

Next Club Meeting:

To be announced.

For those interested, the CVAR racing schedule for 2017 is here:

Last Tech Session:

Was the
2017 Pig Roast.

Previous month's Club Meeting:

This is the only picture I have…. Geee…. Some green there!


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Possible future events.
- Jim Narum electrical repair?

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SCPOCA · Houston Chapter of Pantera Owners Club of America


Club President: Brian Hill
Club Website guy: 
Kirby Schrader