Weekend at CotA:

More pictures here!

Next Club Meeting:
We had a Tech Session planned for April 30th at Brian Hill’s house, but the rain…
(Oh, my… have we had rain…) got in the way.
Goal? Install Brian’s engine!

It is being rescheduled. Stayed tuned.

And the next BIG event…
Please mark your calendars - save the date -

David & Marilyn Bell have graciously offered to host this year's Space City Pantera Club Christmas Party on December 17th, beginning at 7pm.

David & Marilyn Bell reside at 5502 Cedar Bay Drive, Kingwood, TX  77345

Just a reminder we will be having our Gift exchange...Guys bring a guy gift, Ladies bring a ladies gift...Please keep the value between $20 to $30

Check your schedules and when you can...
Please respond via the Space City Panteras SCPOCA forum if you can make it or not...this way David & Marilyn can plan accordingly.

Last Tech Sessions:

Was at Rob Pink’s ‘garagemahal’ and Bill Lewis’ engine is back in and running!
I know, this is old news… We need another tech session, soon!

Last month's Club Meeting:

I didn't make it, but others met up at the Saltgrass Steakhouse.
This is the only picture I have…. Geee…. Some green there!

Upcoming events

Stay tuned for 'other stuff'!

Possible future events.
- Engine install for Brian? YES! See above.
- Jim Narum electrical repair?

We have a
Sponsor’s Page now, too!


Events -

In general, for Space City Panteras 'last minute' and planned activities, always check our forum.

SCPOCA · Houston Chapter of Pantera Owners Club of America


Club President: Brian Hill
Club Website guy: 
Kirby Schrader