February 2005 SCPOCA Club Meeting Minutes

A small group of Pantera fanatics gathered at Jimmy G's for the Feb, 2005 SCPOCA club meeting.

In attendance were: Steve and Cathy Hawkins, John Taphorn, David Bell, and the entire Pike household. Fred Foreman and son Todd dropped by briefly for a little parking lot bench-racing before heading home for dinner.

A club sponsored Dyno-Day was discussed. Kingwood Dyno has offered their dyno facility for exclusive and unlimited use over an 8 hour day for $600. Steve Hawkins will contact another dyno facility for services/pricing prior to a final decision. Dyno-Day is expected to be scheduled in early March, 2005.

Jamie Pike unveiled a preliminary sketch of the new Space City Panteras logo she is developing - and it was met with great enthusiasm by the club. The new logo features a Pantera rocketing around the state of Texas from a star located at Houston. Some suggestions for colors (naturally JT thinks a yellow Pantera is esthetically best) and car sizes were made, however, Jamie clearly has this under control.

John Taphorn proposed a club drive for Sunday, Feb. 13 to attend a national radio controlled model airplane meet. An announcement on the drive will follow shortly.

Next SCPOCA club meeting - Jimmy G's, Saturday, March 5 at 7pm.

Photo (by Randy Pike): The guys argue over the effects of photon distortion and apparent color shift on Pantera paint reflectivity as produced by parking-lot sodium vapor lighting.
Alertly, the gals quickly vacated the parking lot and gathered inside Jimmy G's to avoid contamination. None of the guys could be saved however.