March 2004 SCPOCA Club Meeting Minutes

The March 2004 Space City Panteras club meeting was held on Saturday evening (March 13) at Jimmy G's Restaurant.

The meeting was attended by Randy and Jamie Pike (and the new baby), Jerry and Pat Pyka, Fred and Rony Foreman, Steve and Cathy Hawkins, Gray Gregory, John Taphorn and David Bell. Three Pateras were present, driven by Steve Hawkins, John Taphorn and David Bell.

As usual the food at Jimmy G's was excellent. Gray Gregory and John Taphorn treated the club to a couple of orders of grilled oysters from the Jimmy G's Bar. Excellent. Thanks guys.

Steve Hawkins gave a brief treasurer's report. Club members were relieved to hear that the Italian Automobile Festival of Speed (sponsored by SCP) was also a financial success that added to rather than subtracted from the club treasury. The current club treasury balance can be obtained from Steve Hawkins, SCP Treasurer.

David Bell presented a summary of the current SCP T-shirt/cap inventory. Shirt and cap sales at IAFS resulted in the club finally breaking even from shirt/cap purchases during 2002 and 2003. Future shirt/cap sales will result in profit to the club treasury. The profit potential of the remaining inventory using current pricing is approximately $1300. David Bell and John Taphorn will carry much of the club store inventory to the Vegas Fun Rally in April where sales are expected to be brisk.

John Taphorn reminded everyone that a Slot-Car racing event had been scheduled for Sunday March 14 at 1pm at the Houston Scale Auto Racing facility. Everyone was encouraged to come and help Team Miniature Pantera Racing defeat the Lambo and Ferrari clubs in team competition.

The next SCP club meeting is scheduled for Saturday April 10 at 7 pm at Jimmy G's.