A Fun Run North of Houston

We had a great drive this weekend. JT (yellow Pantera), David (Blue Pantera - with white strips), Bill (Orange Pantera), Me (Red Pantera with a modified wheel well for better down force) Kirby (GT40), Wally (Red Lotus), Will (Blue Viper - I am waiting to see the red Pantera run)
A decent route ( at least most of it) but there seems to be police of various description around a few corners. As usual we had a wrong turn but that provide a good picture opportunity.  All the cars ran well.
We did start an event  - we will have to debate whether we want to make annual.  We had the first ever SCOPA Pantera off road run.  It is truly amazing how much dust a Pantera tire can throw up. There were spots when I couldn't see anything in front of me. Some high pressure air and hose and it is all gone.  My vote is not to make it an annual event.
We made a stop at the RC Model Airplane facility and watched an electric plane with a 8 minute battery fly great for 5 min until the battery stopped.
No damage done. It was pretty amazing what those little planes can do.
Then we stop for lunch at patio overlooking Lake Houston.
All in all, a good day.

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