Rhino Ramps Review
Randy Pike


Ever have trouble getting enough ground clearance on a Pantera to perform some ordinary Pantera chore – like changing the oil or draining the radiator?  Rhino Ramps may help by providing an easy lift to either the front or rear of your Pantera.

My Euro GTS has the factory front spoiler and coil spring spacers removed so that it sits relatively low. The front lip of the spoiler barely clears the ramp on approach but then comes "on ramp" immediately with no clearance problem.  My 225-15s front and 255-16s rear tires fit nicely on the raised platform.  The ramps have rubber non-skid pads on the bottom and do not move at all when driving onto them.  They are also very solidly built as you can shake the car while on the ramps and they don’t move at all!  There is easily lift enough for oil/filter changes and access to the front coolant tube hoses.
Rhino Ramps are available at Pep Boys for about $30.