2010 TWS Track Event

October 2-3, the Space City Panteras Club got together with 'The Driver's Edge' at Texas World Speedway. Several Panteras are still in process of being restored, painted, motors fixed, EFI tuned, etc., but we had a good turnout, nonetheless.

See Orville's notes below.

From the President:

I would like to publicly again thank Kirby for the organization and effort he expended in setting up this past weekend. Thanks Kirby for taking the ball and running with it. Thanks are also due to Tom and Jeanette for providing a great lunch and dinner. It was wonderful to see some new activity and faces in the gang. Thanks are also in order for those that came out to support us as we drove, such as John and Mary, Dan, Gary and Sylvia, Dennis Quella and his son.  As everyone knows that attended, Kirby deserves the award for persistence for his efforts to keep his cars going. Heidi, aka Miss Sunshine, offered her radiant smile to whomever was near, and it looks like we may have a really good, competent driver very soon.
Since I pulled  a muscle in my back Saturday night and didn’t feel safe driving that barge around the track, I decided to take some pictures on Sunday and managed to get some fair shots of most everyone. I still haven’t found my pictures of Alex and his car, and am hoping Dylan  or someone else can provide some which we can post on the club web site.
Here is a link to a web site where I post most of my pictures, and have uploaded them there until we can get them on the club site. The pictures are posted in order of the car number issued by TWS.
I sure enjoyed the weekend,
(A taste of some of the pictures are below)

And, from Dennis Jones:

Guys and Girls of Space City Panteras.  What an awesome weekend at TWS.  The fun and fellowship was awesome.  I think everyone but Kirby could say they had fun and I know that he was so proud of Heidi driving the Pantera, (even with the A/C on during hot laps)  LOL.  She represented the group well and I spoke with her several times and she really expressed the fun and learning she was experiencing.  
Tom and Jeanette, the food and Desserts were incredible. The BBQ and trimmings was very tasty and the lunch burgers hit the spot too.  I always enjoy getting to be with the SCPOCA group. Everyone is always friendly and make the trip fun and interesting.  I just wish we didn’t live 3.5 hrs away so we could be full time active club participants. 
Thanks for letting Bill Fraser and myself hang with the group. Hopefully the next time we get to go to TWS with SCPOCA there will be about 10 additional running panteras present and all the little bugs worked out of Kirby's GT40.  its really an exciting feeling to see all the panteras running down the track. Tom did his portion of entertainment for a large group of us by running with the Viper as he did.  Old vs new technology, he held his own.  Thanks again for the wonderful opportunity for us to be part of your TWS Weekend. DrJ  

And there are
more pictures from John Taphorn.

Tom Upton's street car

Tom Upton's racecar

David Bell's car

David Bell with David Bell's car!