2017 Space City Panteras 9th Annual Pig Roast and Tech Session

Thanks go to:

- Gray and Heidi for being the gracious hosts for the club's event

Tech session had a lot of action going on.
- Brian Hill's engine and ZF are in the car - see pictures below
- Bill Vasser found his headlight problem… the old fuse box story.
- Bill Lewis got his alternator noise to go away and installed a new dome light.

Hands down winner of the long distance award goes to Wayne Jack from New Zealand!

Brian Hill, club prez, said:
Wow, what a day, great attendance of club members and guests and Pantera's for that matter.  I do want to thank everyone for their hospitality to our friends that came out, they had a great time.  Sorry I did not mingle very well but was busy working with everyone to get my car back together.  Very big thank you to John Taphorn who worked tirelessly until midnight on Friday and then late again on Saturday along with Rob, Dave and Gray and to everyone else that helped during the day. Santos, Fred, Kirby, Randy, Bill L, Bill V to name a few.  It was a lot of fun.

If you have pics please forward them to Kirby for the website and to Rob Pink for the Facebook page.

Club Prez

Bill Lewis had some comments:
--Nice to see younger generations there - driving Panteras!!!!
---A note on the weather:  typical Texas .  Great driving weather to the Pig Roast - sorta warm and sorta humid (that's a Houston joke).  Then around noonish, a Norther (not a Blue Norther, kinda turquoiseish) blew in, making it cloudy, with a cool north wind, then sunny.  Excellent driving home - reminiscent of Colorado.
---I counted 13 Panteras.  Four non-Pantera sports cars.  Lots of pickups (uh, that would be trucks), and sundry vehicles.
---Over 50 people, probably closer to 70 - maybe 100.  Lots of kids and grandkids under 10, doing what kids do best - run & chase.  And, a couple of rescued dogs, that looked kinda poorly, but much better than when found in the ditch.
---Did anyone else get chased by the only white cow in the pasture?  I took a drive in the middle of the day to check on my car and she met me at the cattle guard (she heard me coming) and high-tailed it toward me.  She chased me about 200 yards - I figured out that somehow I must have gotten between her and her calf.
---Lunch was excellent as usual, and I noticed afterward several people sitting looking out at the cows and pasture with the 1,000-yard stare of contentment.
---My personal thanks to Ed and Kirby for  solving my car problems.
---And, met a new friend from New Zealand, welcome to Texas, Wayne.  He showed us a picture of one of his cars, a Jewett, a rare old race car.
---All we lacked was a good ole Texas Swing Band, or maybe Willie to drop in.

---BILL Lewis 

The view coming to the ranch.