Pantera GT5 for sale

Build Details
1972 DeTomaso Pantera VIN THPNML04414 We have records on the car dating back to a purchase in 1980 in Elm Grove, WI      
#4414 started life as a red 72 probably somewhere in the Mid West. The car belonged to Robert Meuer in Elm Wi in 1980.
He had bought the car from a dealer in Jackson MS.
Robert performed a restoration on the car by a company Named M.A.K. at a cost of about $16,000.
The car was raced for a bit in the early 80's Robert sold the car to Bob Adams about 1988. The car was transferred to San Diego.
The car was then sold to Mike Eckman in Houston in 1991.
Tom Hickey then purchased the car in Houston in 1992 and performed another restoration, rebuilding the engine, performing body repair and finishing the engine compartment.
My wife and I purchased the car from Tom in 2003 and have owned until now. We found minor rust in the front valance and had the entire valance replaced. With the help of Kirby Schrader we installed an individual runner EFI system.

4414 sports Allante Red paint and has a Hall GT5 conversion kit installed.
There is no rust on the car.
The paint is not perfect, but it is a nice paint job.
Although the car does have an L bumper it also has the two pod pre L dash.

Although the car does have an L bumper and a single pod dash a an external side fill gas cap, it does have pre L seat belts. We have installed a new head liner. For the EFI we installed a oxygen sensor gauge to the right of the two pods. The gauge is a custom from Speed Hut.
The underside is exceptionally clean and there is no rust.

Engine & ZF


There are aftermarket DeTomaso valve covers and an air cleaner. The engine a Competition Cams "High Energy" cam and it does have after market headers and exhaust.
The car starts immediately and rapidly settles into a steady idea with a slight edge to it from the cam and exhaust.

The radiator is a Fluidyne aluminum model.

Contact Information:   Don Franck
Price:  $85,000
Location:  Houston


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