Space City Panteras 2009 Meeting and Events Calendar

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No events

Mar 7th at 2:00 in the afternoon.
Location - Champps Americana - Uptown Park shopping center off Loop 619 West

Mar 21st - Dyno Day at with their new Mustang® Dynamometer

They will provide 2 employees to assist in getting the cars on the dyno and locked in place, and running the dynamometer itself. O2 wideband sensor bungs will not be necessary, as they will use a 'tailpipe' sensor for A/F readings. Each car will be provided with printouts of the hp/torque
curves and software pdf files will be provided for each run.
Cost per car will vary between $30.00 and $50.00, dependenton the number of attendees and/or cars.
Brian Hill is attempting to make arrangements for a Holly 'expert'
to be on hand to help tweak those elusive horses if needed.

Normal meeting on April 4th will be postponed until April
April 11
The Space City Panteras Annual Pig Roast and Tech Session at Gray's ranch
A family function and wives and significant others will be urged to attend
Tech session for any necessary installations/modifications/repairs that might be needed
Big Bend Open Road Race
April 22- 25

May 2nd - Club Meeting, Location: TBA

June 6th Club Meeting Location: TBA
June 10 - 14
POCA Fun Rally - Reno, Nevada
John Taphorn is the Co-Chairperson for the Fun Rally this year.
Several of our chapter members will be attending. See the POCA website, for additional information and schedule of events.

July 4th is Saturday...
Stay tuned for more info
Club Meeting Location: TBA

August 1st Club Meeting Location: TBA

September 5th Club Meeting Location: TBA

October 3rd Club Meeting Location: TBA

November 7th Club Meeting Location: TBA

December 5th Club Meeting Location: TBA
Christmas Party with club officer voting and vendor prize draw.